User acquisition is pivotal for your app's marketing. Optimal channel selection guarantees reaching the right audience
User acquisition is pivotal for your app's marketing. Optimal channel selection guarantees reaching the right audience
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User Acquisition

What is Mobile User Acquisition?

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Bringing users to your app is crucial, as it does not make any sense without them. We use in-app networks to bring measurable results regardless of what niche you work in. When developing a mobile user acquisition strategy, we encompass organic traffic, paid ads, and App Store Optimization (ASO).

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Why choose cost-effective tools

We apply powerful and cost-effective tools and models such as CPI  CPA and CPL  to acquire users for your app.


The Consumer Price Index measures the monthly change in prices paid by U.S. consumers.

We're all about hitting your KPI's. That means no fluff, no excuses. Ever.

Everything we do is based on real-time data. Measurable, and fully transparent.

Ready to experience hypergrowth?

Acquiring users is only halfway.

are Never enough

Be it an e-commerce, fintech, or mobile game user acquisition strategy, installs are never enough. The goal is to make users engage with your app - make a purchase, communicate, order services, etc.

At Onmyads, we segment your audience, determine the social networks they use, and choose the best of them. Crafting a user acquisition strategy for mobile apps is meticulous work with user data, design, and daily optimization of the best-chosen channels.
Only pay for results

It is a strategy based on performance in a mobile application. It can be measured in the number of app installs, signs up for a free trial, downloads, and purchases. Mobile app companies pay for actual actions taken.

Forget fraud

The key performance indicators assessed by performance-based marketing companies include Installs per Mile, Cost per Lead, Cost per Action, User Lifetime Value, Conversion rate, and Retention rate.

Creativity gives you the edge

Marketing performance can be measured by selecting important metrics and key performance indicators. At Onmyads performance digital marketing agency, we calculate Return on investment (ROI), Cost per sale, Cost per lead, Conversion rate, and Customer lifetime value (CLV) to measure marketing performance.

Our flow:


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In-app events
App audit
Video & creative
Ad networks
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Feel free to reach out to the Head of Video Production, Leonid Savelyev, on Telegram. Rest assured, he will give the answers to all your question
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When to Use Paid User Acquisition?

Acquiring users to your app through organic methods alone often does not work. Paid ads make sense if:you just have launched your app and need to stand out from the huge number of competitors;you need to reach a specific audience urgently;you offer discounts or special offers linked to specific events or holidays so you aim to boost your audience and sales in a limited time frame.

How much budget should I allocate for paid user acquisition?

User acquisition cost for mobile apps depends on two things - present competition in your niche and your budget. Balancing between these factors is at the core of building efficient mobile user acquisition campaigns. It’s recommended to start with small investments and grow them as you receive measurable results. At the same time, if competition is fierce, an efficient paid UA campaign never hurts.

When is the Right Time to Hire an Agency for User Acquisition?

If your in-house marketers can’t handle user acquisition or their efforts alone do not bring fruit, it’s time to address a professional agency. Maybe your team lacks the expertise or resources to manage the process properly. That’s okay! Onmyads is here to help. We’ve got a rich background promoting mobile apps, and skillfully use top-notch tools (in-app mobile user acquisition platforms like Moloco, Liftoff, and Unity Ads) to reach the best results.

How do I Measure the Success of My User Acquisition Campaigns?

The results may be assessed through such KPIs as CPA, ROAS, and conversion rates. That’s how you’ll get a clear picture of the work done.

What is a Mobile App Acquisition Channel?

A mobile app acquisition channel in marketing refers to a platform or social network through which companies acquire new customers by posting a paid ad. That may be Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Google, etc., and mobile ad networks like Iron Source or Unity.

How to Attract More Users to My App?

Use social media to interact with your audience and promote your brand.Create a campaign with Google Ads and reach your specific audience based on demographics or keywords.Reach the most valued customers through mobile ad networks.Consider using offline ads at a local level.PR campaigns with influencers will enhance your brand's prestige.Don’t neglect ASO — raise visibility and installs.

What Are the User Acquisition Strategies for Mobile Apps?

The most prevalent strategies aimed at user acquisition include owned media marketing (branded websites and social networks of a company), ASO (app store optimization), paid ads on social media, and re-engagement campaigns.