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In modern marketing strategies, well-nurtured automation is not only a time-saver but also an efficient and personalized approach to interaction with clients and growing sales.
Modern marketing relies on efficient and personalized automation to save time and enhance client interactions, ultimately boosting sales.
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Having a database on your users' actions, Onmyads marketing automation agency can turn it into measurable results. We apply in-app automated emails, push notifications, and other tools to create a personalized client experience.

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We come up with fresh ideas for engaging new users and returning those who are about to abandon your app by offering special propositions.

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Set Your App to Autopilot

Starting your marketing trip without a map? We will not let you go astray in this journey, but rather offer a "navigator"! Having analyzed your product, Onmyads specialists choose the best-fitting b2b marketing automation software, align it with your strategy, and connect to the app.
We start with email marketing automation and gradually add other channels. Ultimately, you receive a marketing strategy with the best solutions for your app and budget.

What problems do we solve?

Onmyads digital marketing agency automation aims at ensuring a constant customer flow to your business, eventually growing profits.

The number of purchases

we develop a loyalty program that helps scale sales.


we come up with bonus programs for your app users, which will eventually grow revenue for your business.

Improve conversion

to improve conversion and retention, we carry out a thorough segmentation of your users.

Marketing automation

depending on the specifics of your mobile app and allocated budget, we pick an appropriate B2B marketing automation platform for your business.

Automate your business processes

based on segmentation results, we come up with new technical solutions to ensure smooth and automated processes for your business.

Re sales

businesses always strive for more sales but get frustrated trying to navigate the complex tools that generate them. Onmyads marketing automation implementation agency does it for you. We configure a digitization strategy so that you scale sales and grow the business
Our flow:

Our step-by-step approach

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Identifying growth points
Development of an improvement plan
Picking the email marketing platform
Budget planning
CDP implementation
Building email templates
Running tests for conversion
Analysis of results and profit calculation
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Feel free to reach out to our Head of Retention Department, Liuba Korobkova, on Telegram. She'll be happy to respond to all your inquiries and provide detailed information on how we can collaborate with you.
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Feel free to reach out to our Head of Retention Department, Liuba Korobkova, on Telegram. She'll be happy to respond to all your inquiries and provide detailed information on how we can collaborate with you.
Contact on Telegram
frequently asked questions

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What exactly is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a technology-driven method that streamlines repetitive marketing tasks while maintaining a personalized interaction with users. Automation does not replace marketers - it’s rather a tool that helps them work much more efficiently. It allows businesses to nurture leads, personalize customer experiences, and optimize workflows across various digital channels.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps analyze your leads and the way they interact with your app. It helps build an efficient strategy for capturing more leads, increasing their engagement, and thus, scaling your business.

Automation is an ideal tool in marketers’ hands, providing personalized interaction and removing all the routine repetitive manual work of sending emails.

Would marketing automation work for my small company?

Yes, it does, and quite efficiently. Small businesses frequently apply a fragmented marketing approach, but without proper planning and proceeding with user data, there's a risk of losing potential leads. To avoid this mistake, use marketing automation for small business.

How much does marketing automation cost?

It all depends on what service you choose - some platforms may charge high fees, while others’ services may cost about $5000 per month. Usually, the cost depends on how much funds you plan to allocate for your marketing campaign.

What are the best types of marketing automation campaigns?

Automation is vital in marketing processes. That may be lead nurturing campaigns - sequential and personalized communication to guide leads through the sales funnel, providing relevant content at each stage. These are also re-engagement campaigns - targeted messages to re-engage inactive users, stimulating them to interact with the brand again. That may be lead scoring, segmentation campaigns, and much more.

How do I migrate to a new marketing automation platform?

This includes defining your goals, assessing the ability of your marketing team to adapt to the new platform, establishing features you require from a new provider, choosing a new platform, and deciding on migration timeframes. The process may appear stressful, but it is worth that if your present automation platform doesn’t suit your business needs.

Why do I need automation if I have auto-responders or email marketing?

Marketing automation allows for integration with various channels like social media, email, and in-app notifications, creating a cohesive and omnichannel customer experience. It also facilitates lead nurturing by delivering relevant content at each stage of the buyer's journey. So you get much more from marketing automation, as it is a holistic approach.

How does marketing automation help with inbound marketing?

Marketing automation builds communication based on your leads' preferences, delivering content aligned with user engagement and interactions with your brand. It helps deliver valuable information to users, resulting in increased brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and trust.